A couple years ago, we wrote about some holiday gift ideas for your cat or dog. (Don’t worry, if you don’t remember it, you can check it out here).

But with the do it yourself (DIY) craze still being pretty big, we decided to make this year’s post on our favorite dog and cat toys you can make yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a DIY expert to make these toys.

Without further ado, here are our top four favorite DIY cat and dog toys.

Top 4 DIY Cat Toys:

  • Cardboard Cat Palace: Save some of the boxes (a minimum of three is recommended) from your other holiday gifts to create a cardboard cat palace. How you design it is up to you; some ideas include adding windows, a garden, or holiday decorations. Just remember not to completely glue the boxes together, otherwise your cat won’t be able to move around! For full directions, click here.
  • Hanging Door Scratcher: Instead of having your cat scratch up your kitchen table legs, allow them to scrap with this toy. Take leftover, unused carpet and glue it to wooden board using wood glue. If you want to hang it from a doorknob, mark and create a hole about two inches wide on the board.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Treat Dispenser: Turn used toilet paper rolls into a toy filled with snacks! Fold one end of the roll down, fill the tube with treats, and then fold the other end down. Hot glue both ends shut but leave one end slightly open that way treats are able to come out when your cat plays with it.
  • Wine Cork Toys: If you’ve been hoarding wine corks, this DIY toy is for you! Make a small indent in the cork and then hot glue ribbons or feathers into the indent. If you want, you can also hot glue string to the other side of the cork, so you can play with your cat.

Top 4 DIY Dog Toys:

  • Braided Tug Toy: Take those old t-shirts you never wear and make them into a holiday gift for your pup! Cut each of your shirts into 9 long strips. Once you’ve cut up all the shirts you want, gather the strips together and tie a big knot at one end. Separate the strips into three piles and then start braiding. When you’re done braiding, tie another knot at the end.
  • Jingle Bell Tennis Ball: This DIY toy is perfect for dogs who have vision problems. First, get a large bell and an oversized tennis ball (we recommend the Kong brand’s “Air Dog” ball). Next, measure the bell. Finally, cut a bell-sized hole into the tennis ball. Make sure the hole isn’t too big, if it is, the bell will continuously fall out.
  • Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser: Another good use for tennis ball is making a treat dispenser. Using a knife, make a cross cut on the tennis ball. Another method is to make a cut along the flap on the tennis ball and to tuck the flap in so that the treats don’t fall out as easily. The final step is insert a couple of your dog’s favorite treats.
  • Water Bottle Sock: Got an extra full-length sock lying around? If so, try this DIY toy! Cut the toes off of the sock then insert the water bottle into the sock. The final set is to tie each end with string or twine so that the water bottle doesn’t come out of the sock.

Hopefully your pets will love these DIY toys. Happy Holidays from the Humane Society of Macomb!