Lost Pets

Lost Pets

Lost your dog or cat?

Thank you for visiting our Lost and Found. We know the heartbreak associated with the wandering of your pet from home. On occasion, those pets are turned into our shelter in hopes that the owners will come to our facility and retrieve their pet. If you lost a pet, call us at 586-731-9210 during our normal business hours and/or post information about your pet on For the Love of Louie Facebook page.

What we do when we find a dog or cat

When someone brings an animal into our shelter, these are the things we do to identify the owner:

  • Look for identification: license, owner name tag, tattoos, identifying marks
  • Scan for micro chips
  • Check other lost and founds
  • Keep in contact with local County Animal Control
  • Check local listings for lost pets

If your animal has a license, tag, or microchip, we will call you. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send you a certified letter to let you know that we have your pet. If there is no identification, we take good care of your dog or cat in hopes that you will come to us!

If, after a reasonable period of time, we have not heard from you, we will look for a new forever home. Every pet should have a loving home!

What you can do if you lose your pet

  • Call us and describe the pet
  • Contact other animal shelters in the area
  • Contact the County Animal Control
  • Check ads in paper
  • Post notices with a picture of your lost dog or cat on the For the Love of Louie Facebook page.

To reclaim your pet

To reclaim your pet, bring evidence that you are the rightful owner. Some examples of what you could bring:

  • Veterinarian records (proof of ownership)
  • Copy of license (owner ID)

How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Pets do sometimes get away from their owners. Here are things you can do to make that less likely and to help you reunite with your pet in the event that he or she slips away:

  • Don’t let your pet outside unattended
  • Don’t have a fenced in yard? Your pet should be walked on a leash
  • Michigan State Law requires a license to be on your pet. We can identify you from your pet’s license and let you know we have found him/her
  • Chip your pet. We scan all incoming pets.


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