Foster Program

Shelter life can be stressful to many of the animals who find their way here. Our staff and volunteers work hard to make all the animals as comfortable and stress free as possible, but it doesn’t make up for a loving home or foster home.

While we prefer families with experience, we are willing to train to make sure that the animals in need are taken care of.

We are looking for foster families to help:


Kittens- these babies have been orphaned and need around the clock care and bottle feeding or may not be old enough for adoption.


Puppies- these little ones need help being socialized and assistance with training to get them ready for adoption.


Pregnant mothers- care for a mother and her babies while she is pregnant and nursing.


Dogs- these animals may have been waiting a long time for their furever home and need help with training or are extra stressed in the shelter environment.


Medical needs- there are many animals with medical needs that need more individualized attention than can be provided at the shelter. Their needs would best be met inside a home.

Frequently Asked Questions

HSM Kitten Shower Flyer
How long would I foster for?
Fostering can be a few days to a few months. It really depends on each animal’s situation.
What if there is a medical emergency?
We work with you and medical assistance is provided quickly.
What if I am unsure about how to handle the animal I am fostering?
We are happy to provide additional training and information to help guide you through whatever it is that you need.
Do I have to purchase my own supplies?
The Humane Society of Macomb will provide the veterinary care, food and any supplies and medication needed. We appreciate your time and home for the animal.
How often do I need to come to the shelter?

Like most situations, it will depend on each animal’s needs. The ultimate goal is to make sure that the animals in your temporary care are adopted out.

I want to become a foster parent. What do I need to do?
  • First, complete our online application here.
  • Once we receive your application, one of our foster coordinators will follow up to better understand what type of foster is the best for your personal situation and interests.
  • Depending on the available animals, we may not be able to place a foster with you immediately, but will reach out when a furry friend that meets your situation and interests.
  • Once we have the right fit available, we will invite you in for a meet and greet with the animal and review the game plan.
  • We need to see your driver’s license or other government issued ID, to complete the process, but we look forward to you helping guide another animal to their furever home.

Fostering means to….

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for shelter animals who need to heal, grow and get extra TLC while searching for Furever homes.
  • Create more space in shelters for other animals in need.
  • Saves the lives of bottle baby kittens and young kittens (4 to 8 weeks old)
  • Socialize puppies and kittens and prepare them for the next chapter in life and their furever home.
  • Save more lives and free snuggles.
  • To help animals transition from the stress of living at the shelter
  • It helps to teach children responsibility and teaching them about the responsibility of taking care of an animal.
  • To have an animal companion without a lifetime commitment
  • All expenses and supplies are covered by the Humane Society of Macomb
  • To reduce overcrowding in shelters
  • To reduce FAS (Fear, Anxiety and Stress)
  • Increasing a shelter animal’s chances of getting adopted