Foster Program

Foster a Cat or Dog from the Humane Society of Macomb

We appreciate your interest in fostering a shelter animal, and look forward to working with you. Your job
as a foster is to take care of the animal you are placed with until we can find a suitable home for the
animal, the animal is of age to be fixed, or when kennel space to house the pet at our facility is available.
The Humane Society of Macomb will provide you with all the items needed to make your time as a foster
successful, and you may contact the shelter / Foster Coordinator for more supplies. Our top priority is
your and the pet’s safety.

There are a wide variety of tasks involved with being a foster for one of our animals. From helping the
fearful dogs adjust to a real-life environment, to helping kittens or puppies grow and reach the age and
weight needed for adoption. Our common goal is to make the animals in our care healthy and social
enough to be placed into their forever homes.

Whether this is your first time as a foster, or your fifth, we’ll always be here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my pets need to be current on vaccines?

Yes. The Humane Society of Macomb requires that dogs be up to date on their rabies vaccine. Cats
require a fiv/felv test, (must test negative) All animals are required to be spayed or neutered, unless
deemed otherwise for medical reasons.

Is my foster pet contagious, and does it put my pet at risk?

The Humane Society of Macomb can not guarantee that the animal in your care is not contagious. Every
animal receives a wellness exam before or shortly after going into a foster home. To the best of our
knowledge, the animal you are sent home with is not sick unless otherwise is stated.

Will my foster pet have accidents or cause damage?

The Humane Society of Macomb can not guarantee that the animal in your care is completely
housebroken. Please treat them as a puppy/kitten, as the majority of the time we do not know their
background and are sometimes unsure of how they will act in a home. The shelter has Certified Cat and
Dog trainers to help you through any issues the animal may experience in the home.

How does fostering help animals become more adoptable?

Being a foster helps the animals in multiple ways. For young animals, it’s beneficial to grow up in a home
environment where they can be socialized to people, toys, other animals, and different sounds, as well as
be protected from illness that they may encounter in the shelter. Older animals become stressed in their
kennels, and a home is a great place for them to relax and show their true personality! By becoming a
foster family, you will be able to see these animals reach their full potential. You can also help them find
an adopter by taking pictures and videos, telling us what fun things they like to do, and introducing them
to new people once they are comfortable. Fostering shelter pets also opens up a kennel in the shelter,
allowing our staff to take in another homeless pet.

What supplies will I be provided with?

We will provide you with everything needed to make your time as a foster family a success. For dogs, this
includes a crate, blankets, toys, bowls, food, a collar and leash, and any medication they may be on. For
cats, you will be provided with toys, blankets, litter, a scoop, a litterbox, bowls, food, and any medication
they are on. If there are items you need that were not provided, contact us and we will do our best to
obtain the item for you. During the foster period, you will also have access to an open line of
communication if you experience any questions or concerns.