The Warm Pet Project

Help Animals Stay Warm this Winter

The Humane Society of Macomb believes that all animals should be loved and warm throughout the harsh Michigan winters.

Despite having fur coats that cover their bodies, dogs and cats are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia at some of the more extreme temperatures during the Michigan winters.

Yet there are many pets that live outside, mostly community cat populations that are feral and cannot be brought inside, but there are some dogs that are housed outside too.

What are we doing?

We are not here to judge. 

This initiative is meant to educate and assist pet owners and those who take care of community cat populations. 

We are building shelters for dogs and cats. 

The average dog shelter costs about $150 to build. 

The average cat shelter costs about $40 to build. 

These shelters will be distributed throughout our community and the region.

How can you help?

There are five key ways you can help keep animals warm this winter. 

  1. Donate money for supplies to build shelters
  2. Donate supplies to build shelters
  3. Volunteer to build shelters and deliver them throughout southeast Michigan
  4. Volunteer to help spread the word about this program through social media
  5. Volunteer to support fundraisers that will purchase supplies for shelter

Supply List

  • Home Depot Gift Cards
  • Dry straw bales
  • 30-35 gallon plastic tubs with lids
  • 20-22 gallon (or 77 quarts) plastic tubs with lids
  • Styrofoam coolers
  • 1/2 in thick Styrofoam sheets
  • Cool shield thermal bubble roll
  • Duct tape
  • Medium & Large dog Igloos

Need a Shelter or Know of Someone in Need?

Please complete the form located here and we will be in contact about the shelters you request.


If you have questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator at