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*Attention Prospective and Current Volunteers: Starting in the Spring of 2019 our shelter will be undergoing a building renovation. Many times during the renovation we will be operating under limited capacity and conditions. Due to this, there will be times that we are unable to accommodate volunteers at the shelter. Please keep this in mind if you are needing to fulfill requirements for school, work, church, etc. as you may not be able to earn your hours completely. We will have opportunities for off-site events, but cannot guarantee when these events will happen, or your participation in these events.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator prior to filling out an application. Email: hsomvolunteer@gmail.com

The Humane Society of Macomb has special needs every day. If you have some time that you would like to donate to us, please let us know! All volunteers must be 13 or older. The preferred time commitment is 4 hours of service a month.

Volunteers serve a vital role in helping the animals here at the Humane Society of Macomb. On average we help over 1,200 dogs and cats  each year and without our dedicated volunteers we would be unable to pro-vide the next level enrichment these animals need and deserve. As a volunteer, you will provide exercise and enrichment for the animals that is needed for their health and well-being. This also assists in the process of them finding their forever homes.

All volunteers are required to attend an orientation, plus a hands-on training session to learn how to safely and appropriately interact with the animals. Neither will count toward hours needed for school, service clubs, etc.


Volunteers are always welcome! Call us, sign up, get acquainted and ask about available times to volunteer: 586-731-9210. Volunteer hours are Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thank you for your interest.

Volunteer Positions Available:

  • Canine Companion: Volunteers will provide exercise and much needed time away from their kennel by taking the dogs on walks throughout the grounds of the facility.  This is a physical, all-season job that can sometimes be a little dirty. Many of the dogs are large and untrained. Volunteers should be comfortable handing dogs of all breeds, size and activity level. Most of the dogs here at the shelter are over 40lbs.
  • Feline Friend:  Providing enrichment and socialization for the cats here at the shelter by al-lowing the cat to explore the world outside of  their kennel. This experience provides exercise and stimulation for the cats and helps with their overall health and wellness.
  • Dishes and Laundry: Assist in the morning or evening clean-up efforts by washing dishes and putting them away. Washing dirty laundry and folding and putting away clean laundry. This also may include organizing the laundry area.
  • Greeter: This position is available on our busiest days of the week, Saturdays and Mondays, between 11am—3pm. The greeter is responsible for helping with the flow of customers as they enter the shelter.  As a greeter you will be responsible for interacting with customers, helping them navigate the start of the adoption process. This position requires a one-hour ob-servation training shift to learn the proper procedure for adopters, as well as learning how to properly answer any questions that might arise.
  • Cat Ambassador: As a cat ambassador you will be an advocate for all the adoptable cats in the shelter. This position is available on Saturdays from 11am—3pm  and will be stationed in the adoptable cat room. The main objective is to answer questions about the cats, helping adopters match up to the perfect cat for their home.
  • Morning Clean-up: This position requires a strong-will, a strong stomach, and someone that isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. The morning clean-up volunteer will assist in the cleaning of dog kennels, which includes wiping, sweeping, mopping, etc. This position requires you to be able to bend, kneel, twist and turn. You will be exposed to animal allergens and waste.

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