So you’ve got gifts for your significant other, your parents, and your best friend, but there’s still one more on the list… your pet! You can’t have them spending this holiday season without a present from their favorite owner, but you’re out of ideas. Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a list of our favorite gifts for cats and dogs in 2016.

Gifts for Cats

  • Winter Wonderland Cat Scratcher House: this gift combines a kitty’s favorite things, cardboard and the ability to bat its paws at the house. The house is decorated for the holidays, and it comes with a ball over the doorway for them to play with.
  • Windowsill Seat: this is purr-fect for those animals that like to perch and watch from above. Now they can do so in the comfort of a moveable and rearrange-able seat.
  • Kitty Track: this toy allows multiple cats to watch and paw at the balls moving around the multiple tiered play set.
  • Cat Massager: this gift could double for you and your pet. There are adjustable speeds and places to massage, and who doesn’t love being pampered?

Gifts for Dogs

  • Memory Foam Bed: they will no longer be trying to share your bed when they’ve got a comfy one for themselves. You can also move this bed around the house for when they want to cozy up by the fireplace.
  • Interactive Ball Thrower: for when you’re too tired or busy to throw the ball anymore, this gift will allow your pup to play fetch to their heart’s content.
  • Heavy Duty Chew Toy: this gift is for a dog that easily rips apart other chew toys.
  • Holiday Sweater: a sweater allows your pooch to stay warm while looking adorable at the same time this winter season.

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