Tails of Hope: The Story of Lola

Tails of Hope: The Story of Lola

by | Jul 20, 2019 | Tails of Hope Stories | 0 comments

We’re excited to announce that Lola was adopted.

Lola was transferred to our shelter in need of medical attention back in February.

When she entered our shelter, she seemed to be favoring one of her front legs.

After receiving medical attention from our veterinary staff, she was diagnosed with a broken leg that had healed improperly and was never corrected.

The injured leg was effecting her ability to walk and play like a normal puppy.

After further discussion and evaluations from our veterinary staff, we decided it was best to remove the broken leg.

Lola then spent the next month healing and learning to walk again with our veterinary staff.

She even learned a few new tricks and received the nickname: “Tripod.”

It wasn’t long until she was able to run and play on her own with no problem.

Thanks to our veterinary staff, we were able to give Lola a second chance at life.

Lola didn’t have to wait too long before she found a very loving and caring family to call her own.