Never Ignore Autumn Pet Care and Here Are the Reasons Why

Never Ignore Autumn Pet Care and Here Are the Reasons Why

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Pet Care & Tips | 0 comments

It’s probably obvious that each season presents its own list of things that you need to address for your pet’s overall well-being.

However, we want to reiterate the care that needs to be given to your pet during the fall besides making sure they’re safe when the temperature outside changes.

Here’s a list of care tips for you to go through for the fall season:

Watch Out for Toxins

Summer is gone, so the weather is getting chilly.

This means that bugs, rodents, and other animals are looking for warm places to go. It also means that people are checking the fluids in their cars and adding fresh fluids if necessary.

Because of this, people are going to be using various chemicals and pesticides to address both issues.

Be sure to keep your pet out of yards and parts of your home that are being chemically treated and away from your vehicle if it’s possible that your pet will be exposed to harmful chemicals such as antifreeze.

Your pet might be lured into licking antifreeze because of its sweet smell, so be sure to clean up all leftover car fluids and chemicals.

Tick Happens

Ticks are an issue, especially in the fall.

To avoid a potential tick problem with your pet, be careful letting them play in leaves because ticks have been known to dwell and live on leaves.

Don’t Consume the Mushroom

Most people will tell you that most mushrooms aren’t toxic, but there is still a possibility that the one mushroom you find outside might be toxic for your pet.

Try to avoid letting your pet eat mushrooms just to be on the safe side.

Hide School Supplies

“My dog ate my homework.”

We’ve all heard that line way too many times, but it can happen.

Your dog and your cat might fancy the homework and school supplies you leave around the house.

To avoid them ingesting the various school supplies you might have left out, please put them in a place out of your pets reach.

Holiday Entrees

There are two major holidays that always concern us for pets: Halloween and Thanksgiving.

While we’re sure you know not to give your pets chocolate, some of those high calorie entrees you’re serving family might not be a good idea to give your pet either.

Try to keep candy, chocolate, deserts, and other non-pet food away from and out of reach of your furry friend.

We want you and your pet to have a safe and happy fall season.

If you have any questions about fall pet care, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help.