Meet the Team: Hilary and Angel

Meet the Team: Hilary and Angel

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Meet the Team | 0 comments

Animals are indeed worthy of our compassion, respect, friendship, and support. At the Humane Society of Macomb we strive to create a culture and team focused on going the extra mile to care for animals. We are incredibly proud of our staff who possess these special qualities to take care of animals.

Two of our employees named Angel and Hilary definitely go the extra mile when it comes to kittens. Both Angel and Hilary volunteer to foster kittens in their own homes. Often times finding people willing to take care of kittens under five weeks old is a very difficult task.  Because fostering kittens, although rewarding and full of joy, is not easy work. To foster kittens in her own home Angel and Hilary do the following:

  • Before being 5 weeks old many kittens cannot eat canned food on their own
  • Depending on the kittens age they have to be fed formulas every four to six hours
  • Young kittens also require help when going to the bathroom
  • Young kittens require constant love and attention to help them develop social skills around people and become used to their surroundings

You may ask why would anyone volunteer for so much hard work? Angel and Hilary volunteer because they simply love animals and believe in the power of fostering. Concerning her love for cats Angel stated, “These kittens are truly a joy to care for and they love fully. But a lot of young kittens aren’t as lucky and are not found when in need of help. My love for animals is what motivates me to help these guys in any way I can.” Likewise, Hilary said, “Raising kittens is a true joy and I really love it.” The Humane Society of Macomb is able to make a difference for animals in need because of employees like Angel and Hilary who go above and beyond, who go the extra mile.