Fall in Love with These Autumn Friendly Outdoor Dog Activities

Fall in Love with These Autumn Friendly Outdoor Dog Activities

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Pet Care & Tips | 0 comments

In our last blog, we shared pet care tips for the fall season.

Well, it only makes sense if we shared with you safe and fun outdoor fall activities you can do with your dog.

Of course, use discretion for which situation you deem appropriate for your dog based on their individual needs and health.

In the meantime, see which one of these activities brings you and your furry friend the most joy this fall season!

Go for a Stroll

A walk is always good for you and your dog unless you have been told to avoid certain activities for your dog.

If it’s not too cold out and the weather is good, take your dog for a nice stroll through your neighborhood.

This will give you both a chance to have at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity and exercise.

Fun in the Park

If your dog is comfortable and can handle being in public places, you both might enjoy some quality time hanging out in the park.

Depending on which park you go to, make sure dogs are welcome.

Parks have a lot of space for your dog to run around and maybe you both can even play a quick game of fetch.

Take advantage of the parks that have trails. You can go for a jog or walk while walking your dog.

It’s a win win for you both!

Get Pumped for Pumpkin Picking

If dogs are welcome, you can take your dog to a pumpkin patch for pumpkin picking and carving.

Your dog might enjoy the environment and stimulation from helping you pick out a pumpkin.

Pumpkins are also safe for dogs, so you won’t have to worry about any adverse reactions or harm being done.

Hit the Beach

It may not be warm enough to play in the water, but your dog might get a kick out of playing in the sand.

Not to mention, going to the beach can be very relaxing for you and your dog.

Dress Up

The fall season is the time of year that people and their pets love to dress up in costumes.

Sometimes, people will dress up their pet and take them with them to trunk or treats or even trick or treating.

While this is fine, please be careful not to allow your dog to engage with candy and chocolate or other non-pet foods.

A fun time celebrating the fall holidays with food and sweets can quickly take a turn in the wrong direction and create situations that are harmful for your pet.

Always put their best interest first!

Get Creative

We understand that it might not always be convenient to travel with your pet to give them outdoor activity.

Giving them interactive play outside your home is perfectly fine too.

As long as you’re giving them daily stimulation, exercise, and playtime, you’ll help them stay entertained and out of trouble!

So, which fall activity do you think you’ll do first?

We hope you and your pet enjoy the fall and your time together outdoors.

If you have any questions or concerns about outdoor activity for your pet, feel free to reach out to us.