Scrump today

A little stray dog that was brought to our shelter in November 2018, paid a return visit to our shelter today. Needless to say we were pleased to see him.

We were pleasantly surprised that he remembered us and gave us all a warm greeting and doggie kisses.

The pictures at the bottom of this post tell his story of recovery and how he looks today. Before you scroll down, please note that some of the photos are graphic and may not be suitable for everyone.

A concerned citizen brought this dog to us in rough shape. He was so matted we could not see his eyes, his feet and most of his body. We had no idea what gender he was. His one eye was bulged out and severely irritated by a mat of fur on the eye. We suspect he wandered aimlessly and probably vision-less for many weeks scrounging for whatever he could smell to eat. He had sores on his tail and rump from the urine-soaked mats.

We named him Scrump.

The vet stood by as we started to cut away the matting.

We discovered a pretty happy dog under the 2 pounds of matted fur.

Our vet put him on a regimented diet and provided the direction for his recovery.

In December, he was able to be put up for adoption. A nice family adopted him and pledged to care for him and his fragile self. Until today they had never seen the first two pictures of how we received him. The wife started to cry and had to look away.

God Bless our caring team of professionals who never give up without a fight.

They saved this dog.

Special thanks to the people that cared enough to stop and pick him up and bring him to us. One more week of wandering and he probably would not have made it.

Here’s to all the heroes in this world who dedicate their lives to those that cannot help or speak for themselves.

We cannot do it without your help. We know that we can never recover the costs associated with saving a dog like this but, we believe that this is why you trust us with your support. We work hard to be good stewards.

Scrump especially says “Thank You.”

Scrump’s infected eye

Scrump during his treatment with his poor tail

Scrump when he was brought in