Since our doors opened in May 1967, we have worked around the clock to help those who cannot speak for themselves.

With the support of our staff, we continue to provide care for unwanted, abused and injured animals in hope of finding them “furever” homes.

Igor is another dog that we were able to provide care for.

When we met Igor, he was transferred from Detroit and brought to our shelter.

We assessed Igor and checked him for any possible illnesses and diseases.

Among our tests, Igor tested heartworm positive.

Heartworm disease can be fatal if left untreated.

Dogs can contract heartworm disease through the bite of a mosquito carrying the disease.

Just as its name implies, heartworm disease leads to the presence of worms in a dog’s heart, lungs, and nearby blood vessels.

Igor is one of 13 dogs that successfully completed heartworm treatment in our shelter last year.

Two of our previous shelter dogs, Charlie and Carly, also completed heartworm treatment last year and made a full recovery.

Aside from heartworm disease, we also diagnosed Igor with an infection and cancer in his toes.

Igor’s infection and cancer were so severe that he needed toe amputations.

Our staff also removed a skin mass on Igor’s eyelid.

After dealing with heartworm disease, an infection, cancer, and a skin mass, Igor was able to find his furever home.

We are happy to say that Igor was adopted on August 3, 2018 and is doing well.