The Humane Society of Macomb team has some amazing team members.

What connects all of them together?

Their passion for animals.

Alex, our volunteer coordinator, and Haleigh, our surrender coordinator, got together and developed The Warm Pet Project. Rachel, one of the dog trainers at the shelter joined in with them and created partnerships with other organizations to assist with the outreach of the program.

Their goal was to provide community cat populations and outdoor pets with the proper supplies to keep them warm throughout the tough Michigan winters.

“While we believe that domesticated pets should live inside, we understand that not all pet owners believe the same,” said Alex Graver, volunteer coordinator at The Humane Society of Macomb.

Haleigh Strasdin, surrender coordinator at the shelter said, “We are not attempting to berate or judge owners for keeping pets outside. We solely want to educate and create a community of animal activists who advocate for outdoor animal populations.”

Coordinating with volunteers and other organizations like Detroit Animal Control, they started immediately gathering supplies and building shelters for pets that live outside.

“Collaborating with other organizations is essential to keep community pets safe and healthy. Educating pet owners on proper care keeps pets happy and out of the shelters,” said Rachel a dog trainer at the Humane Society of Macomb.

The shelter has developed a fundraising campaign to assist in raising funds for the shelters and a supply drive that will also assist in gathering the materials needed to build the shelters for cats and dogs.

A community cat shelter costs approximately $40 to build.

A dog shelter averages about $150 each.

Straw has also been donated and will be purchased to provide those in need who already have existing shelters for their outdoor animals.

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