3 Great Things About Black Cats That You Probably Didn’t Know

3 Great Things About Black Cats That You Probably Didn’t Know

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Shelter News & Developments | 0 comments

Black cats often get a bad rep for being a sign of bad luck, especially around Halloween time.

Most of that is just superstition, but there is so much to love about black cats.

Here are 3 good things about black cats that you probably weren’t aware of:

Their Black Fur Can Help Protect Them from Illness

Black cats have genes that help lower their chances of being severely impacted by diseases and illnesses that other cats may be prone too.

Research has shown that the genes that produce their black fur are similar to the genes that help our bodies to resist HIV, which can help humans start to understand resiliency to illnesses and diseases like HIV.

The Melanin in Their Fur Gives Them Golden Eyes

A cat’s black fur produces a higher level of melanin.

This is the reason for the pretty dark fur color we see. This is also the reason why cats with black fur have beautiful golden-colored eyes because melanin affects eye color.

There Are Holidays for Black Cats

What’s not to love about having a holiday dedicated just to you?

Each year, August 17th is dedicated as National Black Cat Appreciation Day and October 27th is National Black Cat Day.

Pretty pawsome, right?

So, the next time you see a black cat, take a moment to reflect on just how awesome they truly are!