In case you didn’t know, it’s kitten season.

With that said, there’s a small chance you might come across a litter of kittens while outdoors.

While you may be inclined to take them and turn them in to your nearest animal shelter, we’re STRONGLY advising AGAINST that decision.

We know you may be worried that the kittens have been abandoned, but that may not be the case.

It’s possible that the mother will be returning soon and has left briefly to find food to feed herself and her litter.

As we are all dealing with the fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic, we understand that you may see more of these instances. Macomb County Animal Control has also advised that their fostering programs have been suspended as well as pet adoptions.

Most, if not all shelters, have also shut down to surrenders and stray intake. This means that if you were to disturb the kittens there isn’t any place to take them, so please leave them where they are so that they have the best chance possible for survival.

Macomb County Animal Control advises that if you find a stray, to please hold the stray for the allotted stray holding time, and contact your local veterinarian to make arrangements with them to scan the stray for a possible owner.

We care about your safety, the safety of our staff and that of the animals in our care and out in nature. We appreciate your understanding as we all navigate this together.