How to Take Photos of Your Dog

How to Take Photos of Your Dog

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Shelter News & Developments | 0 comments

Taking photos of your favorite furry friend is an ideal way to preserve memories for many years to come. However, capturing your pooch can be tricky, especially if they are constantly on the move.

Consider a few tips for successfully taking photos of your dog:

  • Let them check out the camera: Dogs are inherently curious, and they have to be in the know for everything you’re doing, especially when it comes to what you are doing with them. Let your dog check out the camera, sniff it and become accustomed to seeing it in your hand. This will help them to relax when you break it out to snap a few pics.
  • Get on your dog’s level: One of the best ways to capture your dog’s cute face is to get down on the floor to their level. They might investigate you initially, but then, as they go about their business, you’ll have a good opportunity to capture them on camera at the right angle. If you have an overactive dog, this might require extra patience at first while they get accustomed to you being on the ground with them.
  • Avoid the flash: Sometimes, it cannot be avoided, but if you can help it, avoid using the flash on your camera. Not only are pics of your pup using natural light best, but also, the flash may scare your dog away from the camera and cause them to shy away from future pics. The flash also increases the likelihood of red eye on your photos, which can compromise an otherwise great shot.
  • Get assistance: Dogs are naturally squirrely when it comes to doing exactly what you want them to. The likelihood that your pup will sit still for a pic is highly unlikely so you may need some assistance. Sometimes, a person in the background distracting your pup will allow you to get a straight-on shot of their cute face.
  • Use toys and favorite items: Every dog has their favorite toy or treat, so use it to get snaps of your pup. Use treats to get your dog to be still and break out their favorite toy to get your pup in some more playful poses.
  • Go outside: There are few dog photos cuter than those of a pooch exploring the great outdoors. If you have an expansive yard, go out and let your pup run around while you snap candid photos. The more you shoot, the more likely you are to land on a pic that you truly love. Snapping photos of your dog at a dog park or other outdoor space they enjoy is also a good way to grab a few photos of your pup.

Dog photography ensures that you preserve some of your favorite moments with your pooch (and even those that may not seem as funny to you at the time). Click here to donate, volunteer or adopt a furry friend today!