Furever Friend

Losing a pet is a devastating yet inevitable part of life as a pet owner. But just because your pet has passed on doesn’t mean that they aren’t still a part of your life. There are several ways to keep the legacy of your “fur”ever friend. Here are some suggestions to keep them in your hearts.

  • Design a scrapbook or frame a photo of them— This is a good way to capture memories, or a favorite memory with your pet. Pick pictures where the two of you are in a fun spot or doing their favorite activity.
  • Wear their tags— If you want to carry your pet around with you all the time, take their nametag off the collar and wear it as a necklace. Simply lace it through string or a chain.
  • Create a mold paw print— Most craft stores sell kits that can be used to make a stepping-stone. Just fill the mold with plaster and dip their paw into it. Then let the plaster set and you’ve got memorable tile for your home or garden.
  • Donate in their memory— If you have extra pet supplies, such as beds, toys, or collars, donate them to a shelter or charity in honor of your pet. If you are interested in donating to the Humane Society of Macomb, you can do that here.
  • Scatter their ashes— Whether your pet preferred the beach or the park, they would probably love the fact that they left their mark in their favorite place.

The impact a pet has is a special one. We know these tips will give you ideas on how to remember your pet.