Since it’s summer, you’re probably spending more time outdoors and traveling with your pet.

Even if you’re just going a short distance up the road, it’s still important to practice safe traveling to keep your furry friend safe.

Here are five steps you should take before traveling in a car or taking a road trip with your pet:

Keep Vaccine Docs with You

If you’re planning on traveling across state lines, make sure you have your pet’s vaccination paperwork with you.

You may need it at interstate crossings depending on what state you’re in.

It’s better to have this documentation on hand than not have it.

Take Your Dogs on Frequent Car Trips

Before you plan an extended driving trip with your pet, be sure to take them on frequent car trips beforehand.

Extend the time each time you’re out if you’re planning on traveling long distance or for a long period of time to help your pet get used to being in a vehicle.

Just like humans, remember to stop and let your pet take breaks and move around because it’s not good for both you and your dog to stay still for long periods of time.

Put Together a Pet travel Kit

Put together a pet travel kit just like you would for yourself or your children.

  • Make sure you have the basics and the extras:
  • First aid
  • Food
  • Bowls
  • Water
  • Medicine
  • Leash
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Waste bags and a scooper
  • Bring your own bottled water to avoid potential bacteria or unclean water in other public places that can make your dog sick
  • This won’t be in your literal kit, but make sure your pet is microchipped to help you find them in case they get lost while you’re traveling.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone in a Parked Car

The inside of a car gets hotter than the outside temperature. Please NEVER leave your pet inside of a vehicle even if you have the windows down.

Your pet can quickly suffer a heat stroke, which can be fatal.

Keep Your Pet in a Proper Restraint

Use a crate or carrier that properly fits the size of your pet (with a little move room of course) while you’re traveling.

You can also use a harness for dogs to keep them safe while you’re in your vehicle.

Please don’t drive while their head is out of the window. We see this all the time.

This isn’t safe for your dog. Doing this can cause injuries to your pet if they were to come in contact with flying debris (such as the rocks that are often picked up and thrown by trucks while they come pass your vehicle).

We hope that these tips find you and your furry friend doing well.

We wish you a happy and safe summer. Please travel carefully if you’re planning to do so!