4th of July and Pet Safety  

4th of July and Pet Safety  

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Pet Care & Tips | 0 comments

Barbeques, fun with friends, and fireworks—what could be better! No matter your plans, we want you to be able to entirely focus on the festivities while knowing your furry friends are safe and healthy. With the 4th of July approaching, we wanted to share these pet safety tips with you!  

Update ID Tags and Microchips  

Have you moved recently? Did your phone number change?  

Please double-check that your pets have updated ID tags and microchips. We hope your pets stay healthy and safe, but just in case they do escape, updated information will make it easier to reunite you!  

If you lose a pet, we know how stressful that situation is! However, we have more information here to help you through this process and help you take steps to reunite with your friend.  


Fireworks: the main attraction of July 4th. They can be a massive problem for any pet with sound-triggered anxiety.  

Take your dog out for walks and bathroom visits earlier in the day. Firework shows increase as the sun sets, so going out during the day is generally safer.   

Securely leash or harness your pet before heading outside. This step should be a standard part of every walk, but it is essential if errant fireworks startle your furry friend. If they are alarmed by a sudden noise, you want to ensure they cannot pull free.  

Does your pet have a favorite area of the house? Consider making a cozy den with blankets for them to burrow in. You could also include their favorite toys or treats for added familiarity.  

One way to combat sound anxiety is to use white noise. Use anything from putting on their favorite show, turning on a fan, or using an actual white noise machine. The key here is to provide a buffer to the fireworks.  

The Barbeque  

Are you attending a barbeque this 4th of July? The first step here is to double-check that the venue is dog friendly. When gaining this permission, you respect the host—and your dog!  

If the venue is dog-friendly, great! Your next step is to evaluate if your dog is up for the outing. Some questions to ask yourself are:  

  1. Will there be other dogs?  
  2. Does a fence secure the area, or will it be open?
  3. Does your dog do well with meeting new people?
  4. Does your dog do well with children?
  5. How long are you planning to stay?
  6. Are you willing to leave earlier than scheduled if your dog needs a break?  

It is crucial to account for your dog’s personality and energy levels when bringing them with you to an event! Going through these questions before attending can create a safer experience for everyone involved.  

When packing your supplies, bring your dog’s leash, food, and water. Please consider keeping your dog leashed, especially when the party is in an unfenced area.  

Always supervise your dog, especially when around the grill, lighter fluid, or open fire pits. An overly energetic leap could bring them into contact with heat sources.  

Other Hazards  

Will there be alcoholic beverages? Keep your pet under close supervision. An unattended drink has the potential to poison your pet.  

Keep all citronella candles, insect coils, and tiki torch oil products away from your pet. Ingesting or inhaling these substances can cause indigestion or more severe effects.  

Glow jewelry might look great as a photo prop, but the liquid inside can be toxic. Keep them safely away from your pets.  


We hope these tips help you and your furry friends have a safe and healthy 4th of July celebration this year! If you have any questions or concerns not addressed by this article, please reach out to your veterinarian. They will be able to offer advice specific to your pet.