Low-Cost Obedience Courses

Join us for our obedience courses! We offer low-cost courses for dogs of all ages and obedience levels. Our courses run for 6 weeks with each class lasting 1 hour. We keep our class size small to ensure each dog and owner gets as much out of the class as possible. Our training methods are science based and tons of fun for owners and dogs! We guarantee a stronger bond between you and your dog after you complete the 6-week course.

What is force-free training?

Force-free is a style of dog training that teaches our dog the right behaviors through positive reinforcement (rewarding for behaviors we like) and negative punishment (ignoring behaviors we dislike). We do NOT use or allow prong collars, choke collars, shock collars, or force of any kind. We teach dogs to want to please us and engage in good behaviors because they want to.

Course Options

K9 Kindergarten (7 weeks to 6 months)
This course helps to prepare puppies for life. We cover socialization, handling and teaching polite puppy manners. We also cover confidence boosting, body language, crate training, house breaking, biting/nipping and inappropriate chewing. While this course is more geared towards setting puppies up for a successful life, we also cover basic obedience commands such as sit, down, recall basics of loose-leash walking, and leave it. Cost: $125

Basic Obedience for Adolescent and Adult Dogs (6 months and older)
This course teaches basic obedience commands like Focus, Sit, Down, Stay, Recall, Go to Spot, and Leave-it. This class also teaches loose-leash walking, general manners, working through distractions and confidence boosting skills. Cost: $125

Adopters 101
This class is for new or inexperienced adopters who want to learn how to live the best possible life with their newly adopted adult dog. We cover topics such as housebreaking, inappropriate chewing, crate training, body language, and general manners. We also cover confidence boosting, bond strengthening exercises, mental stimulation, and enrichment. This course is all about forming an unbreakable bond between you and your newly adopted dog. Cost: $125

How do I sign up and when are the classes?

To find out when our next obedience classes are scheduled or to sign up, please email our training department at

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