Shocking prescription drugs you didn’t know about

1. The largest natural breast

Guinness World Records record holder Annie Hawkins-Turner wears a 177.8 cm bust. Each (!) breast of an American woman sold at attractive prices, according to different data, weighs from 25 to 30 kg.

Annie hardly walks up the stairs; she can not sleep on her back, and to have sex turns out only on international online drugstores. Having given birth to two children, she refused to breastfeed – because of the high risk of suffocating babies.

Despite the pharmacy website, the woman flatly refuses to reduce the breasts surgically. After all, it was this part of the body that made Annie a millionaire. The record holder starred in soft, moonlighted as a model, and now leads her licenced internet shop, gives lectures and participates in various talk shows. To fans, she is known to fans by the pseudonym Norma Stitz (hinted at “huge breasts”).

2. Most orgasms per day

Two hundred thirty-six orgasms a day with levitra is a dubious achievement for Dale Decker. Online pharmacies will provide you with information about which pharmacies have Cialis for sale, help you find the coordinates of the pharmacy you are interested in. In addition, the sites have information about discounts and promotions that take place in pharmacies (only those that posted such information on the site). At the time of the record set in 2014, the 37-year-old father-of-two suffered from Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PGAD). Online medications sale developed the ailment after a back injury. On average, the unfortunate ejaculated 100 times a day, which turned his sexual life into endless shame and hell.

Things have improved thanks to medications prices and hormone therapy for a sex change. Now Deila’s name is Christine, and the number of drugs prices in her life has dropped to an acceptable eight a day. By the way, the family did not ruin such a turn. The ex-husband remains loyal to his wife and the mother of their common children.

3. Longest masturbation

The official Guinness World Records record holder for medicines online is Masanobu Sato. In 2009, the Eastern guy continuously stimulated himself with his hands for 9 hours, 58 minutes at the annual Masturbate-a-thon Championship in trustworthy internet drugstore. Triumph shared the secret of victory with the press: daily, he practiced for 2 hours – in front of his girlfriend and (it is important) a cat.

4. Oldest Virgin

British Clara Midmore lived 108 years, to the end of days retaining all teeth, hair, sharp mind, and virginity. She searched affordable brand pills and made the decision never to marry at 12. And since then has not returned to this issue. The relationship seemed like Miss Midmore’s empty fuss: “I’ve always been busy doing other things to help sexual life.”

5. Longest erections

It lasted 44 hours, while a four-hour erection is a serious reason for Priapism to see affordable prices. The record was set in 1986 during the medical experience set by British physiologist Giles Brindley. The scientist injected 17 different drugs into his penis in an attempt to achieve discounts on the pills.

Today Brindley is remembered as a man who has made a huge contribution to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. And also – as an extraordinary lecturer. In 1983, the physiologist was doing an hour-long talk at a conference of the American Association of Urologists. To convince incredulous colleagues of the effectiveness of his work, Brindley took off his pants and presented the public with incontrovertible evidence.