With ‘National Take Your Dog to Work Day’ coming up on June 23rd, we thought we would give you some tips for taking your pups to work. This holiday started in 1999 by Pet Sitters International as a way to show people the benefits of dogs and to promote adoptions.

We want to make sure you, your furry friends and your co-workers all enjoy this day. Before deciding to bring in your pup, make sure your boss is okay with it. Here are some tips we recommend to ensure everyone has a great time:

  • Bring supplies from home: To make sure your pooch is comfortable at work bring something that reminds them of home, whether it’s their favorite toy or a blanket. With your pet more comfortable, odds are they will behave better in your office. 
  • Prep your pup: Your pup should be housebroken and well trained. Your dog should be able to relax even if you aren’t right next to it. You should also make sure they are clean and well groomed. If your pup is going to the office, they should look the part! 
  • Tell your coworkers in advance: Remind your coworkers a couple days ahead of time so they can let you know if they’re comfortable with your dog around. You should also make sure that no one is allergic. If your coworkers have a problem it’s probably, although unfortunate, not the best idea to bring your furry friend in.
  • Socialize your dogs beforehand: If your coworkers are planning to bring their pups in as well, you need to make sure all the dogs are comfortable being around each other. Meeting before everyone brings their pets to work could make it easier for your pups on the day. If your pets don’t get along out of the office, it’s probably not a good idea to cramp them together at your office.

We hope your pets will get along and you can all enjoy some time together. 

Have a great day on the job with your furry friend!