Thora (002)Every day, animals arrive at the Humane Society of Macomb Animal Shelter in need of TLC. 

Some even require intensive medical care, which is provided by the Humane Society of Macomb Animal Clinic, in partnership with the staff at the shelter. 

One such animal arrived in severe need of medical attention. Thora, a female German Shepherd estimated to be 9 or 10 years of age, arrived at the shelter in May.

She was severely matted, which led to a skin infection. Her ears were so badly infected that discharge was draining from both ears.

Thora was terrified and distrusting when she arrived at the shelter, and required careful handling by shelter staff. She initially refused food, but shelter staff were able to find ways to stimulate her appetite, starting with the irresistible treat of peanut butter. 

Because Thora arrived at the shelter as a stray, every effort was made to reunite her with her family. In the process of doing so, others learned of her story, and several people expressed interest in adopting her, should her original owner not be found.

Once she adapted to her surroundings, clinic doctors could begin to address her numerous health issues, including the severe matting, skin and ear infections, and a concerning mass on her leg. 

Bloodwork, including a heartworm test, was performed, which showed relatively normal results. X-rays showed Thora had arthritis, and would need close monitoring for signs of pain.

Thora was bathed and groomed thoroughly, and her overgrown nails were trimmed. She was also placed on antibiotics and steroids for her ear and skin infections.

The next medical issue to be addressed was the mass on her leg. While awaiting surgery, staff at the shelter worked closely with Thora, building her trust and nursing her back to health.

Over time, Thora became more comfortable at the shelter, and her sweet nature began to show. She eventually became so comfortable at the shelter that she looked forward to visits with the staff, bouncing around excitedly at the sight of them.

Surgery in the clinic was scheduled, and on May 15th, her mass was removed. Biopsy of the mass showed it was non-cancerous, and Thora was made available for adoption. Before Thora could go home, however, she had to heal from her infections.  

Though several people showed interest in adopting her, Thora was ultimately paired with an adopter who sat by her side day after day while she recovered from surgery at the shelter.

Thora was finally given the all-clear to go home, and on June 7, she left the shelter to begin her new life with a dedicated and loving family. 

While love and care are given to every animal who arrives at the Humane Society of Macomb Animal Shelter, cases like Thora’s show the dedication of doctors and staff to make sure every animal enjoys life to the fullest.