As the weather gets colder, it’s tempting for both you and your pet to stay inside and keep warm under the covers. If you choose to go this route, both you and your pet will regret it when springtime comes back around.

Here are some tips that’ll help you and your pets this winter.

For dogs:

– It’s still a good idea to take your dogs for walks, even in the winter. Check the weather in the morning or at the beginning of the week and see what time and days are the most suitable for being outside.

– Play with them indoors! A simple game of fetch or tug of war is a good way to keep active and keep inside. If you have a good friend with a dog, consider having them over for a play date.

– Try joining a “dog gym” or “canine center”. Depending on the recreation center, they could have a variety of activities, from obstacle courses to treadmills. The best part is that your dog will be working out while still being inside.

For cats:

– Invest in cat toys. Strings, fake mice, and even lasers can get your cat up and running around. If your cat gets bored of you, you can always entice them with another toy after a few minutes of inactivity.

– Make your cat work for their food. Have them play “hide and seek” for their treat, or put their dinner in a feeding toy. It’ll make their food more enjoyable and you’ll get some exercise out of them as well.

– Move their “hangout spots” higher up. Not only will this encourage them to climb higher and will keep them off cold floors and away from winter drafts.

This is not an all-extensive list, but we hope these give you a couple suggestions to keep your furry friends in shape this winter season. If you have any ideas for this list, be sure to comment them below.